Geographic information system
AI for cartographic data analysis
AI Map Processing System
The system processes data from satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles with the use of AI models.
Works with all main GIS* formats and data delivery services.

*geographic information system
Detection, identification and monitoring:
  • illegal logging
  • natural disasters
  • changes in the state of facilities (industrial, construction, agricultural)
Prediction and approximation:
  • pollutant concentration (greenhouse gases, suspended particles),
  • natural phenomena and disasters (wildfires, tsunamis, landslides, etc.)
  • damage caused by natural disasters
  • average UV radiation index and vegetation index
System application examples
A collection of off-the-shelf ML algorithms for fast integration in your infrastructure
Flexible customization for any data array and customized ML customer models
The graphical operator interface and embedded widget of interactive maps allow you to quickly assemble the service
Expertise of the development team in processing data from satellites and drones
Map processing tasks
  • Classification - grouping of monitored objects by their common characteristics
  • Regression - prediction of target object variable, e.g. UV radiation index
  • Detection - automatic detection of the target object on the map
  • Segmentation - partitioning a digital image into multiple segments such that pixels with the same label share certain characteristics

Component features
Embeddable interactive widgets
Adaptive assessor and research interface customizable to customer needs
Works with a wide range of GIS formats
Pre-trained models for classification, detection, regression and segmentation
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