Immersive system
Browser-based interactive virtual space
Immersive spaces
The system recognises user emotions and poses directly from the browser to use them as an addition to character control in virtual space rendered right there in the browser.
All users are gathered in a virtual space where the user behaviour analysis system can analyse all their actions (along with emotional responses, etc.)
System functionality
  • Recognition of user emotions, poses, etc.
  • Customizable set of user interaction commands with the game engine (voice commands, face identification, specific pose recognition)
  • Browser-based rendering of virtual space
  • Component embedding in existing websites
  • Distance-based audio and video conferencing inside virtual space
  • Virtual space editor
  • Permalink to join virtual space
  • Reliable performance on mobile platforms
How the companent works
System application examples*
* NDA issue:
These examples are not real cases. Cases of our clients are all under strict NDA and we cannot demonstrate them, these examples are solutions that can be build with our components
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