Our expertise
  • Recommendations based on deep content and user understanding
  • User behaviour data collectin and analyzing with AI
  • Support, engagement and promotional conversational agents
  • Warehouses and logistics coordination
  • Virtual fitting rooms and AR furniture placement
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Churn prediction and customer life cycle analysis
  • Data governance and chaotic information organizing with AI
  • Virtual influencers and influencers management
  • Media coverage monitoring and brand defense
  • Fake review identification and fraud prevention
Industry examples of AI applications
Next generation of AI products
  • Personalized engaging generative content
  • Working with users in video and voice format, electronic salesman
  • Blending of virtual and real places
  • User profiling without vast amount of private user data
  • Automated compliance to sophisticated local laws around the world
  • Solutions for targeted offline marketing
  • DIY and smart microfactory integration in supply chains on the scale
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