Media solutions
Our expertise
  • Generative content in text, images, videos and music
  • Converting various forms of content e.g. from book to sequence of actions of main characters
  • Translations and restyling of texts
  • Creating digital avatars and masks for video streams
  • Emotionally engaged conversational agents with robotic personality
  • News media monitoring and insight exrtraction
  • AR solutions
  • Generative art
Industry examples of AI applications
Next generation of AI products
  • Generative personalized videos
  • Cocreation based cloud music bands of high quality
  • Avatars that speak, hear and understand customer
  • Usage of face mimics in social networks
  • Edutainment with enough engagement power to make not only nerds actually study something
  • XR experience and hybrid content for smart cities and smart homes
  • Antispam for world-of-mouth marketing
Media, PR, news, influencer? We got AI for you.