Non ML development
We have great experience of building non ML systems that are still ML compatible and can generate value even without AI components.
Backend and cloud computing
Building a great stable backend is crucial for both b2b and b2c applications, including low latency high load systems.
There is no use for even the greatest backend if the user cannot experience the result. Building frontends components full cycle from design to implementation and testing.
DevOps infrastructure
CI/CD, testing process, development, testing and production stand organization for stability of your service.
Development in 2022
Modern open source and proprietary frameworks radically changed process of developing web apps and component. A lot of off the shelf solutions are present on the market that increase speed of development of components for both production usage and quick hyphotesys testing.

Modern techniques requires less time and less effort for getting things done.

Wrapping and integration of AI component
AI components are useless without wrapping and integrating to the rest of the system and without (eventually) delivering to the system. We know exactly how the AI component should be integrated with the rest of the system, what metrics it should produce, and what resources should be taken into account.

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