AI solutions & support
Reducing time to market for AI solutions since 2019
Consulting and audit
To navigate the ever-changing field of artificial intelligence, one needs a team of experts. Our expertise lies both in machine learning and software development. We can help you enhance existing technologies on-premises and plan development and integration of brand new ones.

ML development
Building AI systems is our speciality. From the simple integration of existing services to the development of core AI components that will become the competitive edge of your business, we are here for you.

  • Develop core AI components for your business
  • Enhance existing machine learning or data analytical solutions
  • Install one of our off-the-shelf AI components to solve your business proble
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Non ML development
Develop the whole infrastructure needed to deliver your key advantages to the user.
Full cycle: backend, frontend, web and mobile.
We work with designers and UX experts to ensure the best user experience

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Team growth
Do you prefer in-house development to outsource? No problem, we can help you with that by assisting you with HR & team training simultaneously with AI component development.

Some benefits:

  • Temporarily joining you team to facilitate AI integration and improve competencies

  • Interviewing candidates and hiring optimal team for the project

  • Training people already present in the team (including non tech savvy ones) to better fit into AI driven roles

  • Taking care of model development, leaving parameters tuning and customization to the existing team

It is often needed to support AI systems after they have been deployed. Usually, it is not hard, but it still requires someone who is familiar with both your system and team. We can give you our part-time support with flexible pricing and timing options

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