AI Development, Support, HR
We provide AI solutions for businesses. Don't fall behind! We hear you and choose the right technology for your timeframe and budget.
Hire to quickly solve key AI-related problems. No need to have a machine learning team on-board which you would have to pay a competitive salary and struggle to keep busy and under control.

After developing the solution we will pass it on to your development team and train operation team to use it. We also can train your developers not only to support but to expand the system, helping them acquire ML competence.
Audit & Consulting
Are you sure you keep up with modern requirements? Think of AI as a common tool in the nearest future. We will help you to integrate ML and Data analysis solutions and figure out where you can gain additional value and at what cost.

We can make all line of consulting service, from a simple general overview over a lunch break to full-scale AI integration planning with timeline, deliverables, costs and risks estimation. Then you can choose us as developers of the new system or give it to your in-house AI team.
Out-of-the-box Solutions
We have helped many companies to automate and improve businesses, so we stacked our findings and technologies into out-of-the-box solutions. Improve retention rates, sales closures and brand perception with ready solutions.
- Brand Monitoring
- Context-sensitive Chat-bots
- Smart House
- Machine Translation
- Recommendation systems
- Voice Apps for Alexa and Alisa
We find perfect machine learning experts for your business and test the skills of your candidates. And we will explain why they are good or bad for your business in English, not in cryptic languages of Siths and Jedi. Though we, of course, speak those, too.

Train your employees to find and interpret data-insights. Using AI requires right people to really take the advantage of the enormous possibilities. After the 4-week training employees will be ready to make data-driven and data-informed management and marketing decisions.
It is often needed to support AI systems after they have been deployed. Usually, it is not hard, but it still requires someone who is familiar with both your system and team. We can give you our part-time support with flexible pricing and timing options

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