Quick ML
What is it
Production ready system for building ML solutions packed with everything necessary:

  • ML models combined into pipelines and methods to fit them to new datasets

  • User Interfaces for data labeling and providing service for clients as widgets

  • Conversational agents to communicate with employees and clients

  • Coordination agents for organizing workflows and processes

  • APIs for integration with existing infrastructure
No pipe dreams -- pipelines
  • Nested pipelines -- combining fited models, heuristics and various processors into sequences to make system "smart". For example ChatGPT (GPT-3) prompt can be a pipeline,

  • Models -- great variety of models, pretrained or just initialized to be trained on various open or user datasets

  • Processors -- fitted models or heuristics, controlled with a .yaml based scripted language or plain Python.

  • Data connectors -- integration with all major databases and ways of storing data

  • APIs -- integrating QuiMLy pipleine in your infrastructure with one click

Conversational AI agents
Textual conversational agent engine

  • Nested and competing strategies of an agent behavior based on online assessments of the psychological state of the human contragent and the "direction" in which the conversation is going

  • AI modules for dialogue understanding, psychological profiling and content generation

  • The possibility of a conversation with an incomplete understanding of the situation by the agent and an incomplete understanding of the meaning of what was said

Coordination agents and workflows
An AI manager that can communicate both with and employee and with automated service like DevOps system or Task Tracker

  • Filling gaps in workflows between various services, employee roles and ML components

  • Capable of lifting red flags and alerts in an intelligent way

User interfaces
Production ready customizable user interfaces for various common cases of working with data

  • Image and video processing

  • Textual analysis

  • Geo interfaces

Other features

  • Various bunch processing options for mass data labeling

  • Widget embedding for rapid service construction

Generative and automl capabilities
ll objects in QuiMLy are subject to programmatic analysis and generation

  • Pipelines
  • Models
  • Agent strategies and scenarios

Examples of automated generation applications

  • Universal data cleaning with data connector and pipeline automated selection
  • Dialog strategy generation for a specific task, e.g. selling of a specific product

Quimly is for you if:
  • You want to incorporate ML solution into your service: Got a task that needs ML to solve? No sweat! You don't need an AI department. Just integrate Quimly with your service using our API
  • Need an interface for pipeline maintenance: When it comes to managing your machine learning tasks, Quimly has got you covered with our intuitive user interface. Whether you need to analyze call records, manage a chatbot, or label data, our platform makes it simple and easy
  • You want to transform your solution into a revenue stream: At Quimly, we believe that if you have a solution that solves a problem, you should be rewarded for it. That's why we offer a monetization option for your APIs. By integrating your solution with Quimly, you can reach a wider audience and earn income from subscribed users
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