Our Services
AI Audit
You use AI already. Is it really doing what was promised? How much do you spend on maintenance? Is it worth it in the way it is implemented? We can audit your existing systems and adjust them to your business needs
AI Integration Consulting
We strive to create additional value for your business. That's why we study your business processes first and then find the way to deeply integrate AI
AI Development Outsourcing
You don't need an experienced AI team on-board to come up with amazing solutions. We will come and create a personalized solution for you. Then we pass it to your internal team or support it regularly
Employee training
We teach your team to support and interpret AI systems. We train both managers, data scientists and tech-teams. Everything developed by us is provided with clear guidelines and manuals.
Hiring for AI
We will help to recruit top-talents for your company. It's hard to keep up with modern AI technologies even for the Senior Tech Leads. But we live in this world and keep our finger on the pulse of the field.
AI needs a supervision. Decisions you make based on the incorrectly-evolved system will ruin all the efforts you put into AI. So we help with this. We dedicate a specialist that will check the running systems
Boxed Solutions
There are hundreds of ready solutions. Most of them are not just plug-and-go, but instead require very careful integration to your business. We will take care of this for you. Works best for SMEs.