Natural Language Processing System
Customizable text analysis system
Modular AI NLP system
A modular natural language processing system for analyzing textual data:
  • comments
  • news
  • reviews
  • chat messages
Fully customizable and can be integrated into your infrastructure.

System functionality
Semantic analysis of texts, groups of texts, authors and readers:

  • Extraction of entities (brands, personalities, etc.) and relationships between them
  • Sentiment analysis (target-based)
  • Topic modelling
  • Trend analysis and topic modelling
  • Custom smart text search
System application examples
Processing large amount of textual data
Fully customizable
Extends to many European languages (including Russian)
Component features
Analysis of individual texts and semantically related groups of texts
Extraction of entities and relationships between them
Sentiment analysis (target-based)
Knowledge graph generation
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