Visual system
Customizable video and visual data analysis system
Modular AI video processing system
Customizable video and image processing system that uses artificial intelligence technologies. Can be adapted to any* requests.

*in the current configuration, can't convert lead to gold
System functionality
Allows to detect and identify objects in a video, such as:
  • people (not only detects them, but also allows to distinguish individuals by their appearance, clothes, etc.)
  • cars (similar to people: you can determine both the type of object, and its characteristics - brand, model)
  • animals (e.g. for monitoring of animal migration or population size within a specific area)
  • can predict the position of an object by tracking its motion path
  • UFO, Louis Vuitton handbags and such.

System application examples*
* NDA issue:
These examples are not real cases. Cases of our clients are all under strict NDA and we cannot demonstrate them, these examples are solutions that can be build with our components
Visual interface
Convenient and easy to use for a team of operators who are not famiar with the code. Intuitive, does not require programming skills. Has an option to differentiate access rights.
Processes a large volume of video streams in parallel.
You can connect a large number of sources - cameras, mobile devices, drones, youtube streams, mobile observation robots.
Fast results in real time.
Easy to modify for each specific task
Can be configured for your identification, sorting, filtering and selection needs
Easy to install
Compatible with multiple systems including hierarchical ones
Component features
Can run on limited equipment
Modularity and full customization
Outputs a rich data stream
Browser visual interface
High processing speed
Robust (processing speed up to 0.01 sec.)
Can be integrated into your infrastructure
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