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Some of our clients who allowed us to disclose our collaborations according to NDA.


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R&D in AI

Our AI R&D division focuses on pioneering advancements, transforming ambitious ideas into real-world applications.

Creating core technology

Challenging current state-of-the-art

If it is already achievable in AI we can develop it

Solving business problems with supreme technology


Advanced strategies for fusion efficiency

Road situation control

Innovations in traffic management


Lightning fast AI integration

Enhance your systems with seamless external service integration and role-specific access control.

Zero cost Hypothesis testing

Assisted no code AI component building

External services integration

Access control for various roles (content managers, coordinators)

AI employees – agents capable of speaking and acting

AI Integration

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence for enhanced performance and innovation

Our clients trust us

Partnering with RebelsAI helped us to enhance our platform!
Their AI expertise helped us:

  • Boost student engagement and performance with AI chatbot.
  • Gain deeper student insights through their activity and predict performance
  • Create a safer environment with effective instruments of bullying detection.
Highly recommend them!

International educational plarform

Our startup car-sharing service addressed the challenge of identifying and assessing dangerous driving behaviors. For one year, we worked with Rebels AI and their solution was of excellent quality for a reasonable price. It boasts an 82% accuracy rate, and a robust driver scoring system, which has significantly enhanced driver accountability and reduced accident frequency. Highly recommended.

CEO of car-sharing company

Rebels AI crafted a fully localized ChatGPT analog seamlessly integrated with our proprietary company’s knowledge base. Their innovative approach, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like vectorized search, factual embeddings, and conversational memory, resulted in a cloud-ready solution. We now boast a robust system primed for rapid customization and integration with created hardware.

Digital integrator in Western Europe

We teamed up with Rebels AI, to improve communication between our operators and our customers. They used NLP analysis to evaluate support messages for compliance and readability, suggesting engaging alternatives. Finally, a human-in-the-loop operator interface was developed with robust error logging, driving 90% operator approval for business rule correction. The team was very professional and integration took only 2 months!

Top-3 telecom company in Western Europe

We are happy that we collaborated with Rebels AI! Our learning platform always prioritizes student experience and performance. They helped us to integrate automated interactions and insights, achieving a 74% engagement rate, 95% precision in student performance prediction, and 90% accuracy in bullying detection. Through sentiment analysis and user behavior analysis, our student journey significantly improved. The team is very capable and friendly!

The leading learning platform for kids and teens.

With Rebels AI, our startup delved into retail customer behavior analysis through visual cues. They developed a system for monitoring psychological profiles in real-time video to target ads and convert purchases. Achievements include an 82% AUC for the lookalike model and a real-time ad recommendation system, integrating computer vision and GDPR-compliant user profiling. We also plan to continue our collaboration to improve our product performance. All recommendations!

Retail customer application

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