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All it takes is persistence, effort, and coffee

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Every creator matters

We are in the hurricane of an AI revolution. It will move things around. It will give a lot, and it will take a lot. A question where you will be when it will die off.

We share with harbour.space the believe that education of any kind should be accessible to those who want to create, to make value, to make the world a better place and make their own life a better life.

We are giving you tools to empower you, carefully choosing them from our half-a-decade experience of creating AI. And supporting you in your own language from the regions of the world that was so hospitable to our team and our people. Because we believe this is the right thing to do.

Everyone can be an AI alchemist, all it takes is persistence, effort, and coffee. Join us.

AI Alchemy telegram channels

Chat groups when you can ask how to use AI tools, and get answer:

How does it work?

For telegram language barrier is a thing of the past. You ask question in Catalan and one of our experts sees it in Russian or English, or Spanish, depending on his mother tongue. You get the answer in English, if this does not work, robot translate answer to Catalan and you both with your mentor manage how to use the AI tool.

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