High-grade experts in both machine learning and software development

Enhance existing technologies on-premises as well as plan new development and integration

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Enhancing your competitive advantage: swift integration of state-of-the-art AI components.

Our way of working

Everything to get real results

Nice to meet you!

We organise initial consultation to dicuss your unique challenges and objectives.

5-7 working days

Proposal with a solution from Rebels.ai

We are creating a blueprint of the solution for your needs, including a high-level timing and cost.

after the NDA and the agreement are signed

Launch: 1st stage

Fixed price stage, which includes 1/2 mounth for evaluation of the needed data, your internal systems, creation of technical requirements document, gantt timing and calculating a final price.

technical requirements, KPIs fixed

Full-scope project launch

We are delivering the solution, with price and timimg according to the agreed technical product requirements.

How we work

Building of supporting infrastructure

We could develop the whole infrastructure needed to deliver your key advantages to the user including full cycle: backend, frontend, web and mobile. We work with designers and UX experts to ensure the best user experience. All developed systems are still ML compatible.


Backend - building a great stable backend is crucial for both b2b and b2c applications, including low latency high load systems.


Frontend - There is no use for even the greatest backend if the user cannot experience the result. Building frontends components full cycle from design to implementation and testing.


DevOps infrastructure - CI/CD, testing process, development, testing and production stand organization for stability of your service.


Development, wrapping and integration of AI components

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