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Customizable Natural Language Processing system for unparalleled insight

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Modular AI NLP system

A modular natural language processing system for analyzing textual data: comments, news, reviews, chat messages.
Fully customizable. Can be integrated into your infrastructure.

Feature Overview

System functionality

Semantic analysis of texts, groups of texts, authors and readers:


Extraction of entities (brands, personalities, etc.) and relationships between them

Sentiment analysis

Target-based sentiment analysis: precision insights into emotions and opinions

Topic modelling

Unveiling themes and trends with advanced modelling

Trend analysis and topic modelling

Navigating trends and uncovering topics with precision analytics

Custom smart text search

Revolutionizing information retrieval with tailored intelligence

System application examples


Product review analysis

Comprehensive analysis of consumer sentiments and authenticity for informed decision-making

Getting a broad overlook of feedback on goods and services

Fake account detection

Smart comparison of goods and services using feedback analysis

Processing unstructured textual data


Natural Language Chatbots

Module for personal and group chatbots analyzing messages. Understanding natural language utterances on a given topic. Chatbot scenarios:

Assessment of the attitude toward selected topics


Identification of relationships between community members

Detection of mutual sympathy and antipathy

Spam detection

Detection of an inappropriate content (such as abusive language)


Text plot analysis service

Content analysis from various psychological, sociological, cultural and marketing perspectives. Plot analysis:

Character extraction

Interactions between characters

Formats of analyzed materials:

Text series


Blogs, groups, telegram channels

Text role-playing games


Audience Profiling

Audience profiling based on observed preferences in streams of textual data

Profiling of an audience of groups, blogs, channels, forums

Uses only text content

Extraction and analysis of user subgroups for precise marketing

A possibility to continuously update the insight about the audience


News analysis for stock trading

Extraction of the market status indicators that are used for stock trading from the news stream.

Integration with trading system

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Ability to output signals as a data stream

Dynamic adaptation to market situation

Version control of signal extraction models


Text analysis advantages

Pros of our text analysis solutions

triangle-filled Processing large amount of textual data
triangle-filled Fully customizable
triangle-filled Automated
triangle-filled Extends to many European languages (including Russian)

Component features

triangle-filled Analysis of individual texts and semantically related groups of texts
triangle-filled Sentiment analysis (target-based)
triangle-filled Scalability
triangle-filled Extraction of entities and relationships between them
triangle-filled Knowledge graph generation
triangle-filled Modularity
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