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Witness the transformative power of advanced visual data analysis through the lens of, where innovation and customization converge to set new standards in the field.

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Modular AI video processing system

Customizable video and image processing system that uses artificial intelligence technologies. Can be adapted to any* requests.

*in the current configuration, can't convert lead to gold

Feature Overview

System functionality

Allows to detect and identify objects in a video, such as:


Beyond detection to individual identification by appearance, clothes, etc.


Discerning not just object types, but also their specific characteristics - including brand and model


Tracking animal migration and population dynamics in targeted regions

Predictive Tracking

Anticipating object trajectories through motion path analysis

And even more: UFO, Louis Vuitton handbags and such

System application examples*

*NDA issue: These examples are not real cases. Cases of our clients are all under strict NDA and we cannot demonstrate them, these examples are solutions that can be build with our components


Ad billboard network audience profiling

Dynamic audience insights: profiling and popularity metrics for ad billboard networks

Billboard popularity assessment

Creating a socio-demographic portrait of audience passing through

Robust to repeated visits, which makes the information more reliable


Analysis of the shopping center visitors

Retail analytics: deep dive into shopping center visitor demographics and behavior patterns

Generating a socio-demographic portrait of a person (gender, age, clothing style, company)


History of movements and actions in the shopping centern


Tree identification

Forest intelligence: advanced tree identification and ecosystem monitoring through video analysis and geolocation

Differentiation of trees by a short video with a tree and its approximate geolocation tag: allows to monitor the state of each individual tree without using physical markers

Tree population control

Trees condition monitoring by video


Forest density and composition estimation

Growth rate and soil conditionn assessment/h1>


Wine bottles on the shelf identification

Enhancing wine selection and merchandising through advanced bottle identification and demand analysis

Mass identification of wine bottles on shelves

Determining their popularity by analyzing customer behavior

Analysis of demand depending on the position of the bottle control and improvement of the merchandiser work


Computer game bot

Advanced AI for real-time game situation analysis and strategic decision-making

Recognize game situation via visual observations

Game object recognition

Building game situation vector description and serving it to decision making process


Anti-coronavirus identification for small business customers

Protecting small businesses with automated contact mapping for COVID-19 safety

Cafe, coworking or bar customer identification and automatic contact map building

Identifies cafe customers and automatically builds a map of contacts between them

Allows each visitor to retrospectively check the tier of danger from contact with coronavirus infected visitors


Video and visual data analysis advantages

Pros of our video analysis solutions

Visual interface

Convenient and easy to use for a team of operators who are not famiar with the code. Intuitive, does not require programming skills. Has an option to differentiate access rights.

Processes a large volume of video streams in parallel

You can connect a large number of sources - cameras, mobile devices, drones, youtube streams, mobile observation robots. Fast results in real time.

Easy to modify for each specific task

Can be configured for your identification, sorting, filtering and selection needs

Easy to install

Compatible with multiple systems including hierarchical ones


Component features

triangle-filled Scalability
triangle-filled Modularity and full customization
triangle-filled Browser visual interface
triangle-filled Robust (processing speed up to 0.01 sec.)
triangle-filled Can run on limited equipment
triangle-filled Outputs a rich data stream
triangle-filled High processing speed
triangle-filled Can be integrated into your infrastructure

And More

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